Quality Assurance

Product quality is the one and only condition to upkeep the sustainable existence of a company and the best advocate of business image. Holding fast to such conviction, this company sets up a comprehensive QC system to inspect raw materials and finished products.

Examine machines and equipments daily, test the product reliability and carry out the education, training and teaching of professionalism of employees down to the minute details to elevate product's defect-free ratio winning the customers' greater confidence in our production for far more satisfactory services from us.

Development Trend

Extensively used in the households and various industries, the products of photo-cell elements are making it towards better luminosity and minimization thanks to the recent research and development of new materials and sealing techniques.

By means of integrated design, many processes are simplified, and assembling spaces, saved. This will bring great impact to the market of applied portable products.cAs the design of electric product innovates from day to day, the sealing techniques of integrated photo-cell elements and solid state circuit will be the targets of further achievement for the industry, also the common course of business growth. The customer's market demands shall be our guideline as we are developing more diversified products.