Rediscover efficiency with Grand Halo!

Optoelectronic device is a crucial building block of the optoelectronics industry. The manufacturing process, the quality of silicon and chip is what makes an optoelectronic component efficient. You no longer need to compromise your projects with low-efficiency optoelectronics. Grand Halo has the products just for you.

We bring you four distinct categories of optoelectronic products that can be used for any project, construction/design, or circuit. Our range of LEDs, photo transmitters, photodiodes and light sensors are compatible with all types of circuits.

Our products and customization services have been used by some of the best electronic players in the world. The 100% customization services provided for LED and ODM products ensures you get a product that can define your brand without any compromises. Our products have been used in portable devices, consumer electronics, smoke detectors and many more.

Grand Halo's products stand out because:

Highest Efficiency: All products are built to provide the highest working efficiency possible while minimizing electrical input. Therefore, with the lowest charge, you will get the brightest light output.

Designs: Our range of optoelectronic products are carefully crafted. These aesthetically pleasing products can be included in any circuit or system without compromising on quality, design or efficiency.

Manufacturing: All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility governed by good standard practices. They’re inspected by electronics experts who confirm the working and output of the product before approval.

Packaging: Grand Halo’s exceptional packaging ensures the product you ordered is perfect andunharmed. The robust packaging ensures product quality not compromising during transport.

Unique: When you partner with us to design and manufacture a unique ODM, we ensure your designs remain secret, protected, and unique. We use the highest manufacturing processes to ensure you can guarantee your customers unique and long-lasting products.


  • Led Components
  • PD,PT,IR
  • ODM Products
  • Other
LED Light Components

Led Components

As a leading LED manufacturing company, we manufacture various LEDs, including Surface Mount Diode (SMD) LEDs, Mini-type LEDs, Molding-type SMD LEDs, PLCC LED, LED dot matrix display, 7 Segment LED Display and high-power LEDs available in various colors, these are the ideal addition to any electronic product.

IR LEDs, Phototransistor, Infrared LEDs


Photo Diodes are the ideal addition to your electronic product where the swift response is of the essence. Phototransistors are the requirement of all electrical circuits, while IR products should be added to all sensors and detectors. Our PDs, PTs and IRs have been used in smoke detectors and medical devices. But we can help you customize your electronic product with excellent PTs.

Custom LED Light Solutions

ODM Products

Grand Halo provides designing, customization and manufacturing facilities for all optoelectronic devices and materials (ODM), including Ambient Light Sensors, Laser diode, customize your ODM for your product without compromising on manufacturing, design, or light display.

Custom LEDs


Grand Halo’s experience as the leading LED provider has provided us with access to contemporary technology. You can translate this experience into your products by customizing LEDs for your project. From custom designs to colors and sizes, use our experience to build special LEDs.