Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I clean LED? How to clean it?
A: Please do not clean LED by unknown chemical liquids, as unknown chemical liquids may damage LEDs. If cleaning is necessary, please immerse LED in alcohol for less than 1 minute under room temperature. Let LED dry naturally for 15 minutes before use it. Do not clean or wipe LED LENs by organic solvents such as acetone, Banana oil, which will corrode epoxy, damage inside structure , the contact area of gold wire and chip, leading abnormal light .
Q: What is the storage condition of LED?
A: LED is a moisture sensitive component. LED is packaged in a moisture-proof foil bag in order to prevent it from absorbing moisture during transportation and storage. Desiccant and humidity card will be also put inside of the bag. The desiccant controls humidity and the humidity card is used to monitor the humidity inside the bag. LED should be stored in a sealed bag at a temperature <30°C.
Q: Is there anything we should pay special attention when soldering LEDs?
A: There are total of 3kinds of soldering for SMD LED, as explained on above table. :
Soldering Type Max Soldering Temp Soldering Time Soldering distance away from LENs
Soldering Iron Iron tip temp should be less than 260℃  </=3S >/=2mm
Dip Soldering 260℃ </=3S >/=2mm
Reflow Soldering Please refer to the recommended reflow soldering conditions in LED specification. 

  1. Please handle LED with care after soldering when LED temperature drop to -room temperature. The LED should be protected from any shock or external force until the soldering temperature returns to normal. Do not scratch, rub and squeeze LED by hard object or object with sharp edges.
  2. Do not solder LED with electricity.
  3. Soldering iron must be grounded when soldering.
Q: Is there anything we should pay special attention when using LEDs?
A: Antistatic measurements must be implemented when using LED.
  1. All operators working with LEDs must take antistatic measurements, like wearing static ring, static cloth, shoes etc.
  2. Static ring must be grounded when wearing static ring. The potential difference between the ground wire and the mains ground wire should not exceed 5V or the impedance should not exceed 25Ω.
  3. Both machine and working table should be equipped with ground wires.
Q: Does you company customized LED other than standard one?
A: Yes, we do have customized LEDs and we welcome customer provide chip to us for OEM.
Q: We are using through hole LED, can we replace it with SMD?
A: SMD LED is compact and it supports automatic SMD. You will see more and more SMD LED replacing through hole LED.
Q: Can I drive LEDs by higher current?
A: LED's driving current should be following the specification and the max current should not exceed the one indicated on the specification. Please take care of the heat loss when LED is driven by higher current.