Standard LED

Our standard LEDs are available in various sizes, including 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. You can opt for a standard round shape or order square, oval, straw hat, smooth straw and eagle-eye shaped LEDs. Customize your product by choosing a unique shape now.

The application of the standard LED lamp includes a status indicator, Illuminator. Signage applications, Decorative and entertainment lighting. Commercial & residential architectural lighting.

GH-3mm Round Through-Hole Round LEDs

GH-3⌽ Round

GH-3mm Square Through-Hole Round LEDs

GH-3⌽ Square

GH-5⌽ Through-hole Round LED

GH-5⌽ Round

Through Hole Straw-Hat LED

GH-5⌽ Straw Hat

GH-5 Through Hole Smooth-Straw LED

GH-5⌽ Smooth Straw