Do you want to amplify an existing lighting component to fit your design requirements? Well, we have got you covered.

Grand Halo's technology here to help you out! A one-stop-shop for all your ODM needs. Being a leading LED and ODM product manufacturer in Taiwan, Grand Halo Technologiesis producing top-quality ODM products based on your designs and requirements.

By definition, Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) is the manufacturing of a product based on an existing design chosen by the customer. The ODM product can either be a replica of an existing design or an upgrade in the supplier’s design. At Grand Halo Technologies, you can acquire customized LED solutions, right from product design to manufacture. You can get your desired LED in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can leave the manufacturing processing to us and gain profit from the final product.

Modifications Offered for ODM Products

Wondering what changes, you can ask us to make for your ODM product? Here’s a list of all the modifications for every ODM product:

● Lens color
● Material
● Emitting Color
● Brightness
● Size

Being ODM LED product sellers, we do not fidget with the design of the product you require. Thus, maintaining the authenticity and functionality of the product.

How Will Grand Halo Technologies Support Your ODM Product Manufacture?

As a prime ODM and LED manufacturer, we ensure that our customers have our full support, and they gain complete satisfaction from the product.

● Careful analyzing of the design proposed
● Sales support and cost-effective advice
● Quality assurance at every step
● Proper replication of your proposed designs, with different materials for each part
● Advanced equipment and experienced engineers for a flawless end product

ODM Product We Offer

Currently, we offer only one ODM product, manufactured following technical guides with a few lucrative modifications. Our Ambient Light Sensor IC has become a hit for its impeccable properties and usage.