Ambient Light Sensor IC

An Ambient Light Sensor IC is designed to control and adjust the brightness of LED-backlight LCD displays, cars, and other smart devices. It enables energy efficiency and optimum display visibility. You can use the Grand Halo Ambient light Sensor in smartphones, LCD TVs, and automotive displays. ODM products are best for a customized LED lighting setup and to optimize energy consumption.

With exceptional electro-optical characteristics, our ambient light sensor is appropriate for all devices to dim the brightness of the screen to match the surrounding light. We offer 3 variants of this product, with similar designs but varying characteristics.

An Ambient Light Sensor works phenomenally in cars too. The sensor detects the absence of light in dark areas and turns on the headlight automatically. These small chips are easy to install on your device and are perfect protection for your eyes.

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GH-D153 Ambient Light Sensor


GH-D173 Ambient Light Sensor


GH-D191 Ambient Light Sensor