Grand Halo has always been committed to continuous improvement. We offer high-quality and efficient solutions for a variety of applications, products, and concepts to our customers.

LED components

Aviation illumination, fairy lights, vehicle headlamps, advertising, general lighting, traffic signals, camera flashes, lighted wallpaper, horticulture grow lights, smart device , home appliance and medical equipment are examples of LED applications.


A photodiode is a PN-junction diode that produces an electric current by consuming light energy. Grand Halo Photodiodes are designed to work under reverse bias conditions. Here are a few examples of how photodiode has been used:

  • Camera- light meters, automatic shutter control
  • Medical- CAT scanners, X-ray detection, pulse oximeters
  • Safety equipment- smoke detectors, flame monitors
  • Automotive- headlight dimmer
  • Communications- fiber-optic links
  • Industry- barcode scanners


A phototransistor is an electrical switching and current amplification device that functions when exposed to light. Reverse current flows proportionate to the brightness when light falls on the junction. Phototransistors are widely employed to detect and transform light pulses into digital electrical signals. Rather than using electricity, these are powered by light. These phototransistors have a high gain, are modest in cost, and can be used in various applications.


Infrared LEDs are commonly employed in security cameras to allow them to collect images both during the day and at night. Infrared light waves are invisible to the naked eye, but they are emitted by anything that emits heat, such as a human body or a hot car engine. Unlike night-vision goggles, which only detect infrared light, infrared cameras detect, and output infrared light based on the available ambient light. A sensor system in infrared cameras frequently monitors the light intensity in the recorded region. The sensor will determine how much infrared light is needed to illuminate the picture as the natural light level declines, and infrared LEDs will turn on accordingly.

ODM Components

Mobile devices, cellphones, notebooks, LCD TVs, and vehicle displays all use ambient light sensors. The ambient light sensor is used to control the backlight of an LCD and to manage the display brightness of a mobile device in order to save battery life. This sensor has a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to automotive. This is the primary advantage of mobile apps.

These sensors can be found in a variety of light sources, including natural sunshine, incandescent lamps, and fluorescent lights. This sensor can also be used to turn on/off indoor and outdoor illumination, such as street lighting, electronic signals, and signage.


Grand Halo's photo-interrupter is a transmission-type photo sensor that detects light blockage and acts as an optical switch when a target object comes between both components. It typically comprises light-emitting and light-receiving elements oriented facing each other in a single package.